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Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse


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Katharina Grosse

O.T. [Cut Y], 2019

Acrylic on bronze

20 ½ x 73 ¼ x 44 ½ inches

Katharina Grosse (b. 1961, Germany) is a wildly joyous painter. Her work would be unique to the City of Atlanta because of her exuberance and references to graffiti. Her style echoes our culture of street art and elevates the entire art form.

Grosse works with a paint gun and gorgeous, electrifying acrylics. She is known for embracing unexpected events and incidents as they arise in her work. Splashes, drips, blends all become a part of a larger pattern. She frequently works in situ, painting directly onto landscapes, architecture, streetscapes and interiors. Her work is extraordinary in its formal investigation of color combined with its immersive full body experience. In public works, Grosse is known for creating outdoor rooms that pull in the viewer, providing an experience that borders on hallucinogenic surreality.

The work proposed for Atlanta is typical to her sculptural works. Wild color covers a natural-esque form, leaving the viewer to question what it was she just encountered. Grosse’s work would bring international explorations and conversations to Atlanta’s art world.

Renew Atlanta will install this work in Freedom Park, a linear commuter parkway through one of Atlanta’s most dense areas. Freedom Park neighborhoods claim 10% of the City of Atlanta’s population (almost 50,000 residents) and close to 150 transit stops. Designated as the City of Atlanta’s Art Park in 2007, Freedom Park is home to several temporary and permanent artworks.

This installation is possible through partnership with the Freedom Park Conservancy, and the Candler Park Neighborhood Association.

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Dec. 2018

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Dec. 2021

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